Friday, 29 March 2013

Avon Anew Vitale

My boyfriend is always telling me how I'm constantly frowning. Usually it's because he's done something wrong, said something wrong or hasn't noticed my new hair. Either way I now have frown lines appearing that never used to be there. Anew Vitale is perfect for this as I can target the area before it's fully visible. The moisturiser is fantastic and made my skin look revitalised straight away, after only using it for 14 days it has already made a massive difference.

The Vitale range is aimed at fine wrinkles so we can tackle them before they take over! I used the cleanser to help take my make up off and also used the day and night cream. The great thing about the day cream is it also has SP25 which is a huge bonus. So as well as looking 21 again, I also have smooth protected skin!
The pink and white packaging makes it look even more appealing and the 14 day system is an ideal size to carry round and show your friends. They'll all be wanting a bit after seeing the new you!

You can order the Vitale 14 Day System in C7 for just £13 or you can order 3 Anew creams for £20 in C8…. Grab yourself a bargain. You will not be disappointed!


A Few travels

I watched a programme on Hong Kong the other day and it reminded me of when I was lucky enough to go in 2011. It is an amazing place with breathtaking views and I would definitely go back. The only thing I wasn't massively keen on was the food, I'd assumed it would just be like eating Chinese food every night... but it wasn't! One of the strangest dishes we got served was shark soup! I couldn't bring myself to eat it though. Hong Kong has the tallest buildings I have ever seen in my whole life.... whoever works on the top floor of those buildings clearly aren't afraid of heights. We got to go to Hong Kong horse races at night which was brilliant and we also got a tram to the top of a mountain and got a view of the whole Island.

I then went on to travel around Bali and loved seeing all the sights around the Island. Bali is a very religious place and we got to see a lot of the locals doing the Balinese dance which are usually connected to Hindu rituals. Here's a few pictures from the travels, I couldn't share them all as there's about 500!


Iphone 5

I have FINALLY been able to upgrade my phone and get an iPhone 5. My boyfriend got to upgrade his before mine and had been rubbing it in ever since he’d had one, I am so glad that he no longer has the upper hand! I have to say though it was definitely worth the wait. I wasn’t to sure when it first came out, especially as I’m extremely clumsy and my main worry was dropping it and breaking it within seconds, luckily this has yet to happen (touch wood). The iPhone 5 is much faster and the picture is so much better quality, it’s so clear! I love playing with Siri and the camera on it is amazing, the bigger screen makes you feel like your using a mini computer. If anyone is unsure about whether to get the new iPhone I would definitely recommend it, especially if you love playing with new technology like me!
Im pretty sure by 2015 I’ll own as much apple products as possible….. better start saving!

Mr Selfridge

Love love love this programme! If you haven’t watched it yet you are definitely missing out on one of the juiciest dramas on TV at the moment. It is about Mr Selfridge himself and how he managed to develop one of the biggest department stores ever. It is set in 1909 which means we also get to discover what the fashion and rules were like back then, i.e dating someone who you worked with was a massive no no. It also shows how London was back in the 1900′s and wow has it changed! The main characters are highly likeable and make this programme great to watch. I don’t know about you but I love Selfridges! So seeing how it developed over time is extremely interesting to watch.
Selfridges was the first store ever to sell make up and perfume over the counter. Before then, women used to pretend that they naturally looked flawless and smelt great. When Mr Selfridge decided to sell products over the counter it shocked people all over the country as it was a way of showing that women weren’t always au naturel. Nowadays the shops are full of make up, perfumes and fake tan, I think its safe to say times have definitely changed!
You can catch Mr Selfridge on Sundays ITV at 9pm.


The Impossible

Recently I went to see the film ‘The Impossible’. What an amazing film. For anyone who doesn’t know, The Impossible is about the 2004 Tsunami that hit east Asia. The film was set in Thailand and followed a family on their true story of events that happened on that awful day. Their story is unbelievable and emotional!
In 2011 I went to Thailand and visited some Islands where the Tsunami hit and seeing those sites were breathtaking. There are before and after photos everywhere on the Island and the work they have done to repair the damage is incredible. This picture below is on top of Phi Phi overlooking most of the Island, at one point this was completely under water, and look at it now! To get to this point of the Island we had to walk up about 20 million steps (no exaggeration) in 40 degree heat. If I’d have known I was doing that I probably would have gone gym before I went to Thailand, as it was probably one of the most challenging days of my life. However, once I’d got there without passing out and saw the amazing sights of the Island, it was worth every second!
If anyone hasn’t seen this film I definitely recommend it, this families story of survival and bravery is definitely worth a watch plus it shows just how awful and devastating the Tsunami was.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Little About Me

Completely obsessed with blogging, social media, technology and finding out the latest celeb gossip. I Love to read and write the latest reviews on beauty, fashion, travelling, TV, music and technology. Reality TV enthusiast and can never stop tweeting. I'm always buying magazines and love looking through the latest trends.
One of my New Years resolutions was to do something new that I love, and as I love to write I decided to start a blog! This year I'm going to accomplish as many of my goals as possible and make the most of 2013.

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