Friday, 29 March 2013

A Few travels

I watched a programme on Hong Kong the other day and it reminded me of when I was lucky enough to go in 2011. It is an amazing place with breathtaking views and I would definitely go back. The only thing I wasn't massively keen on was the food, I'd assumed it would just be like eating Chinese food every night... but it wasn't! One of the strangest dishes we got served was shark soup! I couldn't bring myself to eat it though. Hong Kong has the tallest buildings I have ever seen in my whole life.... whoever works on the top floor of those buildings clearly aren't afraid of heights. We got to go to Hong Kong horse races at night which was brilliant and we also got a tram to the top of a mountain and got a view of the whole Island.

I then went on to travel around Bali and loved seeing all the sights around the Island. Bali is a very religious place and we got to see a lot of the locals doing the Balinese dance which are usually connected to Hindu rituals. Here's a few pictures from the travels, I couldn't share them all as there's about 500!


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