Friday, 29 March 2013

Avon Anew Vitale

My boyfriend is always telling me how I'm constantly frowning. Usually it's because he's done something wrong, said something wrong or hasn't noticed my new hair. Either way I now have frown lines appearing that never used to be there. Anew Vitale is perfect for this as I can target the area before it's fully visible. The moisturiser is fantastic and made my skin look revitalised straight away, after only using it for 14 days it has already made a massive difference.

The Vitale range is aimed at fine wrinkles so we can tackle them before they take over! I used the cleanser to help take my make up off and also used the day and night cream. The great thing about the day cream is it also has SP25 which is a huge bonus. So as well as looking 21 again, I also have smooth protected skin!
The pink and white packaging makes it look even more appealing and the 14 day system is an ideal size to carry round and show your friends. They'll all be wanting a bit after seeing the new you!

You can order the Vitale 14 Day System in C7 for just £13 or you can order 3 Anew creams for £20 in C8…. Grab yourself a bargain. You will not be disappointed!


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