Friday, 29 March 2013

Iphone 5

I have FINALLY been able to upgrade my phone and get an iPhone 5. My boyfriend got to upgrade his before mine and had been rubbing it in ever since he’d had one, I am so glad that he no longer has the upper hand! I have to say though it was definitely worth the wait. I wasn’t to sure when it first came out, especially as I’m extremely clumsy and my main worry was dropping it and breaking it within seconds, luckily this has yet to happen (touch wood). The iPhone 5 is much faster and the picture is so much better quality, it’s so clear! I love playing with Siri and the camera on it is amazing, the bigger screen makes you feel like your using a mini computer. If anyone is unsure about whether to get the new iPhone I would definitely recommend it, especially if you love playing with new technology like me!
Im pretty sure by 2015 I’ll own as much apple products as possible….. better start saving!

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