Friday, 29 March 2013

Mr Selfridge

Love love love this programme! If you haven’t watched it yet you are definitely missing out on one of the juiciest dramas on TV at the moment. It is about Mr Selfridge himself and how he managed to develop one of the biggest department stores ever. It is set in 1909 which means we also get to discover what the fashion and rules were like back then, i.e dating someone who you worked with was a massive no no. It also shows how London was back in the 1900′s and wow has it changed! The main characters are highly likeable and make this programme great to watch. I don’t know about you but I love Selfridges! So seeing how it developed over time is extremely interesting to watch.
Selfridges was the first store ever to sell make up and perfume over the counter. Before then, women used to pretend that they naturally looked flawless and smelt great. When Mr Selfridge decided to sell products over the counter it shocked people all over the country as it was a way of showing that women weren’t always au naturel. Nowadays the shops are full of make up, perfumes and fake tan, I think its safe to say times have definitely changed!
You can catch Mr Selfridge on Sundays ITV at 9pm.


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