Friday, 26 April 2013

Chi Chi Competition

I've seen this competition been launched and I had to enter. I'd never heard of Chi Chi before but I am SO glad I have now discovered them. They are currently holding a competition for all bloggers to win £200 to spend on their amazing clothes. All you need to do is create a Chi Chi wishlist and post it on your blog. Easy! All the information is here but you don't have long as it closes today!
After wanting to order the whole website I finally managed to narrow it down to create my wishlist. If I could have I would have used the whole website, a girl can never have to many clothes right? I'm a firm believer that every girl should own a bodycon as you can never go wrong in them. I used to think a bodycon was actually a leotard, so thank goodness I realised it was in fact a dress before I went out on a Saturday night dressed like I was auditioning for Fame. That would have been awkward. Here below are two of my favourite bodycon/bandage dresses for my wishlist.

I also believe you can't go wrong in maxi dresses. I've chose these gorgeous maxi dresses below as they are freakin awesome and look amazing! I've got a few weddings and events coming up this year and these would be absolutely perfect!

My final 2 are these lovely dresses. I like to dress up like every girl does and I feel that these dresses would make me feel all girlie and summery. I like to hit the town with my friends and could also wear these dresses to pull out some moves on the dance floor.

So thats my wishlist! :)


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