Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring Trends

Apparently it's Spring. Usually I get excited around this time of year as it means lighter days, nicer weather and you're able to leave the house without scarf, gloves, hat & wellies. However, the recent snowman in my garden and the -2 degrees doesn't exactly scream 'Spring'. I've decided to put some Spring trends on anyway as whatever the weather, we always like an excuse to buy more clothes!

Neon blazers are coming back into fashion this season and with the weather still being a bit chilly it's perfect timing! You can team the blazers with any colours, you could go for an all coloured outfit or you can simply team it with something black to brighten up the look. This weekend my outfit is a black jumpsuit with a neon blazer. You can either team them with neon coloured shoes to make it brighter, or with just some black shoes for a sophisticated look. I'm a massive fan of rings and own about 100, so I'd add a few rings and jewellery to accessorise. As all these things are currently in fashion you can buy them from anywhere. Primark and New Look have a great selection of blazers and jewellery and they're brilliant for not breaking the bank balance!

Let's hope the snow stays away long enough for us to pull off the neon look!

We can also add some great bright nail varnish to the look. I use a range called China Glaze which are known for their brilliant bright colours. I tend to find the more coats you apply the better the colour shows up. The nail varnish dries so quick which makes it easy to add lots of coats without it going all clumpy. In the picture below I have a colour on called Shocking Neon Pink. You can buy this range from Amazon, Ebay and even from some beauty shops. They sell for all different prices on Ebay but usually start from about £6. What's great about China Glaze is they can also be used for gel nails, so will stay on for even longer!


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  1. Love that nail polish, it's gorgeous!

    Amber :)


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