Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Double Denim

If you watch The Voice then you will know how much Jessie J despises double denim. It's even like she has a sixth sense and can tell when they are wearing it even when her backs facing them. Danny on the other hand seems to wear it as much as possible as he thinks he looks cool. I have a denim jacket that I love and I have some denim shorts that I love. So I had a major dilemma the other day when I wanted to wear them both but knew that the rule is supposed to be only wear one or the other. So what did I do? I wore them both of course.


Monday, 27 May 2013

Nail Art

I may be being a little bias here, but as I work for Avon Cosmetics obviously I'm going to use their products. I wanted to share one of my faves that is a new product from Avon which is fab! This is a great buy which looks great without having to break the bank balance. I love playing with my nails, I'm constantly painting them different colours, playing with my gel nail set and applying all different designs. So when these new Decals hit the brochure I knew I had to order them.

I've seen Decals in Boots before but I have to say I don't think the designs were as good as Avons and they were double the price! All you have to do is peel the nail strip off and apply it to your nail. Easy as that! Any strip that is left hanging over your nail, all you need to do is file it away and then shape it to your nail. You may want to use a nail tool to smooth out the nail strip as it can be a bit bumpy at first, I just used my finger to smooth it out but you may get better results with a nail tool. A tip for making the Decals last that little bit longer; try adding a top coat of clear nail varnish. This will give them a shiny finish as well as making them a little bit stronger, so if you're like me and used to washing up most days it should stop them from peeling off.

The nail strips are aimed to last for about 2 weeks so are great for a holiday... mine are in my suitcase already! There are 10 different designs that you can choose from and they are just £4 each. The Decals will be hitting the Brochure in a months time so you can either order through a representative or from here


Friday, 24 May 2013

British Soap Awards

I love watching awards like this, not just to see all the hunky men, but also to see what everyone is wearing and to compare outfits. I also get a little bit competitive and take these things far to seriously forgetting that soaps aren't real life. I absolutely love that Hollyoaks won 5 awards, it's about time it was recognised for being a great soap! It doesn't take itself to seriously but at the same time has some strong storylines.

List of winners:

Sexiest Male - Danny Mac, Hollyoaks (I voted as he is HOTTT)
Sexiest Female - Michelle Keegan, Coronation Street (Obvs)
Villain of the Year - Natalie Gumede, Coronation Street
Best Actor - Alan Halsall, Coronation Street
Best Actress - Claire Cooper , Hollyoaks (Yes!!)
Best British Soap - Coronation Street (Thought Doctors may have won this, lolz)
Best Comedy Performance - Patti Clare, Coronation Street
Best Dramatic Performance - Natalie Gumede, Coronation Street
Best young Performance - Eden Taylor-Draper, Emmerdale (A little fact for you, as the soap awards weren't shown live, on her first go she fell down the stairs so they re-filmed her winning and then aired that scene instead)
Best Exit - Nigel Havers, Coronation Street
Best Newcomer - Joseph Thompson, Hollyoaks (Woop Hollyoaks!)
Best On-Screen Partnership - Kieron Richardson and Emmett J Scanlan, Hollyoaks (SO happy they won this)
Best Storyline - Kirsty's Abuse of Tyrone, Coronation Street (Would have loved for the bullying storyline to get some recognition for that, it happens far to often)
Spectacular Scene of the Year - The Bus Crash, Hollyoaks (The car door hitting Maddie had to be the best thing about this scene!)
Best Single Episode - Emmerdale 40th anniversary live episode (Better than the TOWIE live episode)
Lifetime Achievement Award - Adam Woodyatt, Eastenders

Here's a few that have made my best dressed list:


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Moving Clothes

This past week I have had a traumatising time. Why? Because I have had to change wardrobes. Any female who has A LOT of clothes will be feeling my pain. It has been so stressful that it has made me wish I was one of the ladies from Made In Chelsea, because they are so rich they would just have someone do it for them. Plus they probably own about 20 wardrobes so don't actually have to worry about piling as many tops as possible on 1 coat hanger. My boyfriend just can't seem to understand that even though a lot of my dresses look the same, it doesn't mean they are the same. No I cannot just keep 1 of the dresses and throw the other 10 similar ones away, because every single dress goes with a different pair of shoes, and every single pair of shoes goes with a different jacket. Duh. They just don't get it.

So anyway, after hours and hours, and hours of going through 6 boxes of clothes, a box of coats, 3 boxes of accessories and 2 boxes of shoes I think I'm finally there! I'm so there that I've actually managed to let most of my clothes have their own coat hanger. Whey! There's also a 'secret basket' hiding at the bottom of the wardrobe that my boyfriend 'thinks' has gone to charity. At one point he asked 'do you really need those shorts that you brought 3 years ago and have never worn', he's joking right? Of course I need them. On the plus side I've managed to sort through what I do wear and will now be able to blog about some outfits.... so watch out for some fashion blogs coming soon!

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