Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Double Denim

If you watch The Voice then you will know how much Jessie J despises double denim. It's even like she has a sixth sense and can tell when they are wearing it even when her backs facing them. Danny on the other hand seems to wear it as much as possible as he thinks he looks cool. I have a denim jacket that I love and I have some denim shorts that I love. So I had a major dilemma the other day when I wanted to wear them both but knew that the rule is supposed to be only wear one or the other. So what did I do? I wore them both of course.

I actually quite liked the look. I don't think I got any stares that read 'what IS she wearing' so I took that as a good sign. The only thing that did make me re-think the outfit was when my dad came round and told me he's pretty sure he has the same shirt. Scarred for life. I got this denim shirt from New Look and I love it because it can be worn as a jacket or just on its own as a shirt. New look recently won a high street award for their range of shoes and it's easy to see why. They have so many to choose from! I brought these boots from there a while ago but I think these wedges would look fab!!

I got these shorts and necklace from Internacionale as they look good as well as being a great bargain buy! I'm a sucker for bargains so I'm always shopping around for the best buys. I like these shorts because they're a great length, sooo comfortable and I think the fringed hem gives it a rocky edge. They also look fab without tights, I'll definitely be taking these on holiday with me! You can buy denim shorts from anywhere at the moment, Topshop have a great range too. For accessories like this ring below I'd go to Next as they have some brilliant statement jewellery.

I think it's safe to say I'm going to break the rules and wear double denim a bit more often!

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