Friday, 14 June 2013

Steal Her Style - Pixie Lott

I have always loved Pixie Lott's style, why? because she always looks fab! As I can't steal her legs - I thought I could steal her style instead. Pixie has quite a boho style always looking cool and quirky. As it's supposed to be Summer I thought her style would be perfect for festival season as you can wear these whatever the weather! If it's cold and raining you can team the shorts and dresses with some long socks and wellies, or if it's sunny we can rock our festival clothes without getting wet! I love how she is known for wearing headbands and I agree that a headband can go with any outfit... I have 100s of them!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Missguided Maxi Dress

As soon as I seen this dress on Missguided I knew I had to have it. I love maxi dresses as it is, but I knew this one was special when I started having dreams about it. Despite the new rule from my boyfriend which was 'no more clothes' I had to make an exception. My plan was to just pretend I'd had it for ages and that he just never notices what I'm wearing. The plan was going swimmingly well until he noticed the label hanging out the back. Busted. Anyway it was worth all the aggro as I LOVE this dress and in the end so did my boyfriend! It is absolutely perfect for the weather at the moment as it can't quite make its mind up if it wants to be hot/cold/wet/dry. I wore the dress this week when it was nice and hot for about 10 mins until the clouds came and took over. It means you don't have to mess about putting a jacket on, off, on, off all day and can still look stylish.

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