Thursday, 1 May 2014

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The Blogging events are getting back into full swing this season so I wanted to share some photos from Company's Blogging Event that I attended last year. If anyone is thinking about attending a blogging event I would definiately recommend it. I got to meet fellow bloggers, learnt some great tips and even got some freebies!

For me personally, this blogging event shown me how much social media has evolved. I remember when I first started using social media, it was all about Myspace and MSN. Blogging wasn't a big thing then and Twitter didn't even exist (I know.. imagine that!).  The event also helped me to realise how big blogging now is. When I first started a blog, I did it because I loved to write, but after attending this event, it shown me that I can actually turn something I love into a career! Thanks Company… I owe you one.



*Photos courtesy of Company

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