Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Working with the Met Office

Last year I was extremely lucky and was selected to do some freelance blogging for the Met Office over the Summer. This was a fantastic opportunity and it definitely made me realise my passion and excitement for blogging. It was a risk on the Met Office's behalf, we all know they are the 'Weather People' so for them to start blogging about fashion was a completely new path. However, it paid off and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity.

The stats over last Summer were:

The web pages achieved a total of 111,511 views (between 02/07/13 - 19/09/13)
Social media figures
  • Reach of over 2 million for the #loveukweather hashtag  - helped reach new social media audience through retweets from partners such as New Look, Boohoo, Visit England etc
  • Over 1000 social media interactions with our posts about Get Ready for Summer (likes/retweets etc)
  • Over 100 user submitted photos of UK summer weather
  • Facebook – total views of grfs posts = 60,000. Most popular was extreme weather videos with 12,500 views. Age range = 29% 25- 44
The links for my articles on the Met Office are below:

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