Saturday, 20 September 2014

New York Fashion Week

This time last week I was in one of the most amazing cities EVER. Yes, that's right, I was in New York. It's the first time I've been to New York and I was overwhelmed. Everyone tells you it's amazing, but you never quite know just what it's like until you see it for yourself. While I was there I was also lucky enough to attend the Diesel Black Gold collection at New York fashion week. I couldn't believe it myself either, not only was I in New York but I was attending fashion week!!

My next blog post will be about my adventure in New York, but this post is solely on NYFW!

The show from Diesel was amazing (as expected, obvs).  The collection kept the 'cool style' reputation that Diesel has, but it also gave that upmarket feel to the Black Gold selection. It was very rock 'n' roll but with a touch of elegance by featuring black leather and stud detailing, with crop tops and a-line skirts. "This collection is about a rockabilly girl gone New Wave", cited designer Andreas Melbostad backstage to journalists.

I even managed to keep my cool as celebrities such as Rita Ora walked straight past me.

I was actually surprised at the airport with news that I'd be attending NYFW, so as you can imagine, I didn't have much time to plan my outfit. As we were attending the show on the second day, I didn't have much time to shop either! Luckily, I'd packed some decent outfits and managed to get my outfit together! Plus, without even realising, the outfit pretty much fitted in with the show, with a girly leather look! Phew!

Top and shoes: New look
Skirt: Missguided
Bag: (which you can just about see, sorry) Next


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