Thursday, 5 February 2015

Gaining some pinspiration....

I go through stages where I develop a slightly obsessive craze with Pinterest. I feel like it will help me get through life, no matter what mess I'm in. For example; I threw a paddy the other day because my braces were hurting, and I immediately wanted them removed. So I looked at perfect teeth on Pinterest and suddenly felt a lot better. Ok so I won't look anything like these perfect-teethed people, but we can pretend.

If you're a fellow Pinterest addict (the first step is admitting it), you'll know that I could have uploaded 10 million photos below. I chose these select few because at this moment in time they've really stood out to me; Either because I'd secretly love pink hair, want to go live in LA or just because I would like summer to hurry up. Anyway, here's a few pics that have given me some pinspiration…..


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