Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Making a change

I know I'm writing this post at the end of April, so technically it isn't the beginning of the year anymore - however, when 2015 started, I said I was going to do more activities. I know saying 'activities' is quite an open word and could mean anything, but I just wanted to do more. Do more charity events, do more active events, do more for other people and just get involved more. I didn't want to get to the end of 2015 and be like okay so, what have I actually done this year that's helped other people? Here's a few things that are already sticking out for me:

Charity event

In March, I took part in the Crazy Hats Walk with my work team. The walk is an annual event held at the same place every year and raises money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I have taken part in the walk a few times because Breakthrough is a charity that is very close to my heart. Charity events always get to me, because you know everyone there has been affected one way or another. Reading everyone's reasons for being there and taking part were inspiring yet emotional.

When we'd finished the walk, it was a great feeling to know I'd helped towards making a difference and knew I had achieved something.

If you live local I would definitely recommend attending the Crazy Hats Walk, nothing beats a fresh Sunday morning walk, especially when it's for such an amazing charity.

Doing something for someone else

This month I nominated my mum for an Inspirational Mothers Award. I wrote a piece about her raising my sister and I on her own, and how she'd battled her way through Breast Cancer and yet still managed to come out smiling. I had an email to say she had been shortlisted and she had been invited down to London for a day to have afternoon tea, drink champagne and mingle with celebrities. She was so excited when I told her and couldn't stop crying! She's highly emotional anyway, but I loved seeing her reaction.

The winners are all announced on the day, so travelling down we had no idea if she would win or not, but we were just excited to have been invited. A few cakes, scones and a few glasses of champers later, the presenter took to the stage to announce the first winner for the Inspirational Mother's category, and we were so ecstatic to find out she had won! I was so happy for her and she truly does deserve her award.

All the Inspirational winners. My mum is 3rd from the left. *Photo taken from IWA
The fact that my mum won due to something I had wrote and nominated her for was incredible. It made her so happy and she was so honoured to be nominated, let a lone be a winner. These events are so uplifting because you are just surrounded by so many inspirational people. It is of course extremely emotional hearing everybody's stories, and I would like to congratulate every one who was there and had been shortlisted for the amazing work that they do.

My mum and my sister with the award
Know someone you'd like to nominate? Check out the website here

Active charity event

My best friend and I have managed to get a team together to run the Race for Life event on June 7th. This morning I realised that it is only 6 and a half weeks away and I have not yet done any running. Crap.

I've been going to the gym 2/3 times a week and doing a class, but I'm not too sure that's going to help me run 5k. Now I've dragged a team together and made them sign up, I'm pretty sure this means I definitely have to take part.

I ran/jogged/walked/crawled Race for Life 3 years ago so I'm hoping to beat my time this year. Our team will have a joint Just Giving page, so as long as I help raise money and awareness for Breakthrough Brest Cancer then I'll be happy. I'm finally off out for my first run tonight..... wish me luck! :)

Thinking of taking part in this years Race for Life? Click here for all the details.... go on you know you want to! If you're not ready to run the event, you can easily just walk around with your family and friends. Or if you're a fitness fanatic you can even take part in the 10k event.

Let me know if you're taking part!

Chanelle x

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