Tuesday, 10 May 2016


When I was 16 I used to long for my boobs to just hurry up and grow. I'd buy a bra that was probably 2 sizes too small and that had double extra padding in, so that they were practically touching my chin. I always longed to have a great rack and thought extra padding would be the only way to accomplish it, when in fact all I needed was the perfect fitting bra.

It's so important that you're wearing a comfortable and correctly sized bra. Whether they're big, small, up, down, or pointing east or west; you really need to ensure you're properly fitted. Not only will it keep your boobs in good shape, but you'll ooze of confidence! I can't tell you how much more confident and sassy I felt once I had a bra that fitted correctly.

This brilliant guide below is from ThirdLove. If you're unsure about why your bra isn't fitting properly, then check out this guide below and it'll solve the problem in no time!

Putting on a bra might seem simple enough, but how many of us just throw one on without even thinking about it? Next time you put one on, do a quick check and make sure you're putting it on correctly. Even the smallest change could make you feel more comfortable all day!

It wasn't until a friend actually told me once 'You know your bra being so high means that the band size is too big' I was like OH! So that's why the back of all my bra's are practically wrapped around my neck. The cup size was fine, but I could never understand why they all rode up so high. So HALLELUJAH, I was able to fix the problem.

Take a look on ThirdLove and you can have your own virtual fitting guide by using their Fit Finder,
It's about time we had a service for digital bra fitting! Plus the bra's are absolutely stunning! (I honestly want them all!) You can get 15% off your next order with the code BRABLEMS. Once you've found your perfect bra; add some lipstick and you're ready to take on the world...

Remember; your boobs are so important, so don't forget to have a grab now and then, and keep an eye on anything that looks or feel slightly abnormal. It could save your life.

Chanelle x

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