Thursday, 22 September 2016

Do whatever the hell you want

If you hadn't noticed, my last few posts have all been about visiting places and getting out there and just doing things. Whether it's by taking part in an activity, or just visiting a different town, I've tried to get out and about as much as I could. After what I would call a few turbulent/shit months, I wanted to do as many adventures as possible to just get my mind off things and to remember that if I want to go and do something then I can.

I've always loved adventure, ever since I was little and my dad dragged me on my first roller coaster. I cried my eyes out beforehand, but once it was over I just wanted to go on again and again, ever since then I've loved that adrenaline feeling.


Aqua Park Adventure

When my friend at work asked if I fancied doing an aqua inflatable obstacle course I jumped at the chance. I love anything activity based so I knew this would be so much fun. The day I agreed to take part, it was a lovely sunny day, so when we booked it I kind of forgot that actually we live in England and there's a good chance it won't be a lovely sunny day on the actual day of the event...

The day came and obviously it was a pretty cold day. I suffer from blue lips syndrome, so whenever I'm cold everyone immediately knows it because it looks like I'm wearing bright blue lipstick! However, once I got into my wet suit and thew myself into the activity, I soon warmed up!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Re-living my childhood

Last week my Mum messaged me and asked me if I fancied going to the zoo. At the time I thought it was a little random as I hadn't visited the zoo since I was about 11 years old, but as I started talking to more and more people, I found out that actually adults visit the zoo too!

We decided to go to Whipsnade after my mum had watched a TV documentary about the zoo and she'd loved it that much, that it had made her want to visit!

I admit it, I actually loved it! It's SO much bigger than I realised and we didn't even get time to visit all the different areas. We're already planning on going back so that we get to see all the animals! I think my favourites had to be the Elephants, Tigers and Lions. I'm in love with big animals (my obsession for Dinosaurs is a bit odd) so seeing these beautiful creatures up close and personal was a fab experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone - kids and adults!

You can find out about Whipsnade here

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