Thursday, 22 September 2016

Aqua Park Adventure

When my friend at work asked if I fancied doing an aqua inflatable obstacle course I jumped at the chance. I love anything activity based so I knew this would be so much fun. The day I agreed to take part, it was a lovely sunny day, so when we booked it I kind of forgot that actually we live in England and there's a good chance it won't be a lovely sunny day on the actual day of the event...

The day came and obviously it was a pretty cold day. I suffer from blue lips syndrome, so whenever I'm cold everyone immediately knows it because it looks like I'm wearing bright blue lipstick! However, once I got into my wet suit and thew myself into the activity, I soon warmed up!

The event I took part in was at Rutland Water and I would definitely recommend giving it a go. It's such good fun and we were laughing the whole way through. The wet suits actually keep you quite warm, I know I was cold but I'm a bit of a wimp with the weather. Also I would advise that you try not to swallow the amount of water that I did... I kind of forgot to hold my nose while I was throwing myself down slides. You get an hour in the water which is plenty long enough and even though there were lots of kids, it's just as much fun for adults too!

My friend took her go-pro which was brilliant because it captured every single moment! The below are a couple of screenshots, but you can see a highlights video on my friends YouTube in better quality here

Let me know if you've given it a go!
Chanelle x
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