Thursday, 22 September 2016

Do whatever the hell you want

If you hadn't noticed, my last few posts have all been about visiting places and getting out there and just doing things. Whether it's by taking part in an activity, or just visiting a different town, I've tried to get out and about as much as I could. After what I would call a few turbulent/shit months, I wanted to do as many adventures as possible to just get my mind off things and to remember that if I want to go and do something then I can.

I've always loved adventure, ever since I was little and my dad dragged me on my first roller coaster. I cried my eyes out beforehand, but once it was over I just wanted to go on again and again, ever since then I've loved that adrenaline feeling.

The last couple of years I haven't done anywhere near as much as what I've wanted to do. Honestly, I think I was being held back and didn't have the confidence to do these things on my own, and for some strange reason I didn't ask friends or family to do them with me. I think I just got a bit content with life and didn't push as much as I should have. I kind of just chilled out and accepted that maybe I wasn't going to go and accomplish some things that I'd wanted to. I mean, I have done some great things in my 20's, travelling around Thailand and visiting New York have been some highlights, but I did those things 4 years apart, and I don't really remember doing anything truly amazing in between other than holidays now and then.

So now I'm doing it for myself. They may only be little things like going to an Aqua Park or taking part in Go Ape, but I'm doing things I've always wanted to do and I'm doing them for me. The great thing is that people are noticing. A lot of people have said to me how much I've accomplished in these past couple of months, and it feels great! I've picked myself up, learnt to manage my life by myself, and taken part in everything I've wanted to, without having to care about what anyone else thinks.

My advice for anyone who feels like they aren't doing what they want to do, or they aren't getting as much out of life as they'd like, is to just go and do what you want and spend time with people who you care about the most. Go travelling. Go visit a country that you've always wanted to. Go get that piercing or tattoo. Go and dye your hair a crazy colour. Because it may sound cheesy, but one day you'll kick yourself for not doing those things. We're all capable of amazing things and we need to remember that,

Chanelle x
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