Sunday, 9 October 2016

Zoella lifestyle

I'm sure by now you've all heard that Zoella recently launched her Lifestyle range (If you didn't know this then where have you been?!). The products are absolutely stunning and as soon as I set my eyes on the range, I wanted them all!

There's so much choice and it was tough picking just a few to purchase! It ranges from notepads to candles, from socks to backpacks, plus lots more. I bought my finds from Boots and I'll let you into a secret - they'll be featuring the Zoella Lifestyle range in their fabulous Christmas 3 for 2 offers!! Amazing!

I've been feeling slightly disorganised lately, so I decided to go for a few stationary items to make my life that little bit more organised!

I absolutely LOVE this stationary set. With working full time, going to the gym everyday, and having my own flat, this is exactly what I needed. I'm going to use it to plan my gym routines and set myself any reminders that I need, such as reminding myself to buy lunch as I keep forgetting! Not only is the inside a stationary lovers dream - but the quote on the front sums up exactly what I'm trying to do with myself right now 'she designed a life she loved'

My next stationary purchase was this cute notepad. I know life shouldn't all be about work, but I'm going to use this notepad at work as I think it'll make me want to take notes more!

My final purchase were these extremely cute storage pots. When I saw these my exact reaction was 'eeeeekk' as I have been looking for something like this EVERYWHERE. My plan is to use one of them for my make-up brushes. At the moment my make-up brushes sit in a box and it bothers me every time I have to go and get them out. So not only will they be organised, but they'll look cute too!!

Have you bought anything from the Zoella range? Let me know what you're loving!

Chanelle x
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