Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The room I've always wanted

I think pretty much every single girl can say that having a dressing room would make them feel like a princess, and this year I thought to myself why not pretend to be a princess! Ok so I don't have a crown, or a castle, nor am I actually related to any kind of royalty. However I can now say that I have a dressing room!

I moved into my flat in June last year and I'm slowly managing to put my stamp on it and turn it into a place that I love and that shows off my style. I've gone for a grey, white and black colour scheme because I just think these colours always look so classy. My bedroom is too small for me to have a dressing table in it, so I decided to go a bit extra and have a whole room dedicated to me getting ready!

Anyway, in December last year, my best friend came to me as my fairy godmother and said she had a dressing table going spare and would I like it. Having not owned a dressing table before, I absolutely jumped at the chance, plus it was blooming GORGEOUS. Fast forward a month, and we're both sat in my spare room with 2 empty bottles of prosecco, a newly built dressing table and a rearranged dressing room. I know, we're just as surprised as you are - not only did we manage to build it between us, but we did while consuming prosecco. I'd say there's a career move in there somewhere.

Anyway, here's my version of my dressing room! It's not the biggest, nor do I have a walk-in wardrobe, but it's my sanity room that I go to every morning and pretend for just a little while that I'm a princess.

I'm going to keep you all updated with all my little changes to my flat as I go along. So keep a look out for more updates, but let me know if you have a dressing room too, I'd love to see piccies!

Chanelle x
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