Thursday, 6 July 2017

Stylist Live

So, slightly delayed, but last year I attended an event in London called Stylist Live. The reason it's just a tad late is because I finally found the footage for it last weekend! I had such a good time, that even 7 months later I still wanted to share it.

The day consisted of 100's of stalls that were selling home ware, beauty products, hair products, clothes, lifestyle products, different types of food.... the list goes on. There was a mainstage which held interviews with people such as Tanya Burr and Mel C, who were giving great talks on dealing with fame and how they got to where they are now. There was a fabulous fashion show which was showcasing clothes that you could buy and order at the event. There were hair and beauty stalls that were doing peoples make-up and hair, plus if you bought the products you got them at a discounted price.

Tickets are now on sale for this years event so take a look here:
Stylist Live 2017

I would definitely suggest going, I'm going to go again this year and get more footage! :)

Chanelle x

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