Monday, 14 August 2017

My weekend on a time-lapse!

This is just a bit of a fun video. I've got a little bit obsessed with time-lapse recently so decided to video my whole weekend on a time-lapse! It really makes me laugh as I wish I could move this quickly in real life - I'd never be late!

On Friday night I decided to make some cakes. I am probably the worlds worst baker because I have no patience whatsoever, so me and my sister decided to get pre-made cake box kits and make some cakes for a carboot stall that we were hosting on Sunday. Our plan was to lure people to our stall with cakes - and it worked!

On Saturday I went to Body Attack and had my hair done, then on Sunday I went to my Body Pump class.  I tried to time-lapse the carboot but it got quite manic so I wasn't able to film much.

Here's a quick fun snapshot anyway!


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