Wednesday, 27 September 2017

30 before I'm 30

Every new year I make a list of things I want to accomplish during that year. You could call them new years resolutions, but they aren't really things that I want to necessarily change, they're more like things I want to achieve. This year, me and my group of friends all turned 28, and one of them decided to make a list of things that she wanted to achieve before she hits 30 and I thought what a great idea, so I've half stolen her idea (Thanks Gem) and decided to do a list of 30 before I'm 30!! Because lets face it, I ain't got long left!

This list has actually made me feel a bit better about turning 30! I like having things to look forward to and I like the feeling of having accomplished something. Next week I'm running my first half marathon (eeeeeek) and yesterday I actually baked something that worked and tasted really good! So slowly but surely, I'm ticking things off!

Anyway, here's my list.... What's on yours?

1. Camp at a festival
2. Run a half marathon for Charity
3. Have a big turning 30 holiday with all my friends (somewhere like Ibiza)
4. Travel as much as I can - Amsterdam and Vietnam being 2 of my top picks
5. Be on TV or in a magazine (like be an extra - just for lols)
6. Train in something new / find a new skill
7. Attend a day class in something creative like jewellery making
8. Be a volunteer
9. Write more
10. Save more money

11. Buy my own house
12. Bake a cake that turns out ok and tastes good (I hate baking)
13. Visit a new place in the UK
14. Read more books
15. Do something a bit cray with my hair (like dye it pink or white!)
16. Book something spontaneous
17. Keep remembering that everything happens for a reason
18. Stop comparing myself to others
19. Stick to going gym at least 3 times a week
20. Go out for drinks more

21. Put more time into cooking
22. Get a pet
23. Go to a theme park
24. Have a whole day being creative - making things or writing
25. Enter a competition
26. Be more confident
27. Go out of my comfort zone more often and do something that scares me
28. Have a spa day
29. Take a singing lesson
30. Try to learn as much of a new language as possible


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